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Want to join 1015 (Horsham) Air Cadets? We are recruiting new cadets from the Horsham area to join our squadron. Fill in the form below and we’ll invite you to our next open evening in Spring 2022. Take a look at the joining process on this page, or read the FAQs below. We look forward to welcoming you to our squadron.

The Joining Process

  1. Please let us know you would like to join by contacting us or registering your interest below. Our next open evening will be Spring 2022 – we will post more details on this site and by email nearer the time.
  2. On the open evening, you will first hear a short series of presentations about our squadron and the Air Cadets. We will then take you on a tour of our squadron, with a chance to meet some current cadets. If you choose to join, you may be asked to fill out some paperwork in preparation for joining us.
  3. Your first night will usually be a week or two after the open evening. You will join an intake of cadets, and you all will spend the next couple of months learning everything you need to be an Air Cadet.
  4. During these first few months, you will complete the ‘First Class’ syllabus. This covers the history of the Air Training Corps, the Royal Air Force, basic navigation, aviation and radio communications. You will also be taught how to do perform drill in a squad, as well as how to maintain your uniform. During this time you will also be able to take part in the vast majority of squadron activities.
  5. Once you have completed First Class training, you will be enrolled as a member of the Air Training Corps. You will be issued your uniform and you will be able to take part in the full range of activities the Air Cadets has to offer, including flying and shooting!

If you have any questions, please check the FAQs below, or feel free to contact us. If you would like to join us, please register your interest using the form below and we will contact you with details about our next open evening.

Register Your Interest


Who can be an Air Cadet?

We welcome anyone of the right age, no matter what your background or ability.

You can join from age 13, or at age 12 when beginning school year 8 and can remain a cadet until you turn 20, subject to certain criteria. You can join up until your 17th birthday.

Disabled people are very welcome, as long as your disability doesn't affect your safety. There are still lots of opportunities that you will be able to take part in!

Too old? Why don't you join as an Adult Volunteer? See the 'Can I volunteer as an adult?' FAQ below.

What activities will I be able to do as an Air Cadet?

You will be able to do a wide range of activities as a cadet from shooting, gliding, flying, and adventure training, to completing your Duke of Edinburgh award, playing musical instruments, aircraft modelling, fieldcraft, overseas camps, academic studies, sports and much much more! See What We Do for more details

How many times a week do you meet?

We meet twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00-21:30, usually at the cadet building in Horsham, near the Drill Hall. However, we often have extra activities on other days, and at the weekends, if you wish to partake in them.

How much does it cost?

The Air Cadets is heavily subsidised by the RAF, so costs are kept as low as possible for cadets. We charge subscription costs, which are currently £12.50 per month, which pays for the running of the squadron.

There are also some one-off costs include the purchase of uniform - whilst we provide your Wedgewood and Working Blue uniforms for free, you will need to buy parade shoes, socks or tights, as well as a full set of combat uniform. These can be obtained cheaply online through military surplus sites - we can give you recommendations and links to where it's best to buy these. We also often have a supply of old combat uniform we can issue to new cadets, but this is not guaranteed.

Most of our activities are completely paid for out of your subscriptions as well as the funds given to us from the RAF. However, some activities may require a small payment. Summer camps tend to cost around £60 for a whole week of activities, including transport and food, whilst wing-run courses sometimes cost between £2-10 (not including transport, or food unless it is a residential course).

However, if you are unable to meet these costs, our Civilian Committee has a fund to pay for courses and uniform for those that may be in a difficult financial situation, so you should never have to worry about money impacting your Air Cadet experience!

Do I have to join the military afterwards?

No, the Air Cadets is not a recruiting organisation, so you do not have to join the military afterwards. However, if you do want to join the military, the Air Cadets is great for developing the skills required for it! The Air Cadets also gives you invaluable skills that civilian employers regard highly.

Will I get to fly?

Providing you are medically fit to do so, you will be able to fly with the Air Cadets. You will fly in one of our Grob Tutor aircraft or a Viking glider with a qualified RAF pilot. You may even be able to do aerobatics! For more information, please see our flying and gliding page.

Can I volunteer as an adult?

Yes! We always welcome dedicated, inspiring Adult Volunteers. You do not have to have had any prior experience in either the Air Cadets or Military (although it's great if you have!) - we will train and support you. You may be eligible to be promoted to an Officer or Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) following a period of civilian service, where you will get the opportunity to take on more senior roles within the Air Cadets. More details are available on the Air Cadets website.

Want to help from behind the scenes? Our Civilian Committee is made up of members of the local community and provides support to the squadron financially and assists the Commanding Officer where needed. The committee meets about once a month and is open to any offers of extra help.

If you wish to join as an Adult Volunteer or join the Civilian Committee, please contact us for more details.

Could cadets assist at my event?

Due to the number of events that happen in the local area each year, we cannot attend every event. If the event is a community or charitable event, we may consider helping at it. Examples of events we've helped at recently are Horsham's Race for Life and Capel Military Vehicle Show. Unfortunately, we do not tend to assist with commercial events. Please contact us if you have an opportunity for us and we will consider it.

I would like to offer the cadets an activity or opportunity.

If you have an opportunity that you can offer cadets, we would love to hear from you! We are always looking for new, interesting visits and activities that we can offer to our cadets, especially if they are related to our objectives or our training. Please contact us for information on how you could help us.

If you could assist us with fundraising or would like to make a donation to our squadron, we would be very grateful. Please get in touch for more information.

Some Experiences of New Cadets

“The Air Cadets was something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. When I joined it was an easy process. The open evening was very entertaining, cadets spoke of their experiences, and what they did which sounded exciting. Then we toured the building and saw the activities that the cadets participated in on a normal cadet night. The cadets were friendly and were asking questions about why we wanted to join. We joined in the subsequent week. I have learned about so much and I have enjoyed it ever since.”

“Before I joined cadets, I used to sit on the couch and play video games. This changed October last year when I joined 1015 Sqn Air Cadets. Since then, 5 months later, I find myself being more active, more responsible and I am a better, healthier person. Every week (for 5 hours) I can escape the weekly grind of school and my problems to go to the ATC, where we do activities as learn about a whole range of interesting subjects.”