Drill and Ceremonial

As a uniformed organisation, we take pride in our standards of personal discipline and drill. As an Air Cadet, you will be taught how to move smartly and efficiently as part of a squad.

Drill and Parades

Drill is an important tool that is used to instil discipline and pride in a group of cadets. As well as making sure we look smart on parades, drill will help develop your confidence and organisation and shows your ability to work in a team. This helps to maintain the high standards of drill and discipline that the Air Cadets are renowned for.

When you join, you will soon be put into a squad with other cadets to be taught the basic moves. A Cadet NCO will stand at the front of the squad- he or she will show you how to complete each move. The NCO will then give you a command for you to do it yourselves, all in time with each other.

Drill is used at the squadron every parade night during First and Final Parades. Through regular practice, you will be able to perform precise moves smartly and in time with everyone else.

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The Drill Team

When you get good at drill, you may choose to be part of the squadron’s drill team. In the drill team, you will practise regularly throughout the summer months in order to perfect a drill sequence. The team will perform this sequence at the Wing Field Weekend, in September, as part of a competition between all squadrons in Sussex. The winning squadron then competes in the regional and national competition in an effort to be the best drill team in the country.

As you get to be more senior, you might be chosen to be part of the squadron’s banner team. This is a group of cadets who carry and escort the squadron banner in formal parades. Like with the drill team, there is a competition for the best banner party in the Wing, Region and Corps. 1015 have had considerable success in this competition recently, being the third-best banner party in the London and South East Region in 2017, and the best team in the country in 2015!


Our squadron also takes part in a number of parades each year. We take part in the Battle of Britain parade in Horsham town centre in September and march on Remembrance Sunday alongside the other Horsham cadet forces in November.

You may also get the opportunity to take part in Wing parades with hundreds of other cadets from across Sussex. Some cadets may go to large, high-profile events such as the annual Trafalgar Day parade in London. For cadets particularly keen on drill, the Drill and Ceremonial camp will allow you to learn rifle drill. Along with cadets from all over the country, you will spend a week learning how to control the weapons before showing it off in a huge parade in front of senior RAF Officers and friends and family.


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After you’ve been a cadet for a few weeks, we will issue your uniform to you. Your No 2C ‘Working Blues’ uniform is what you will wear most often, on normal squadron nights and when doing drill and other activities. On formal occasions such as parades and other ceremonial duties, you will be required to wear your No 2A ‘Wedgewood’ blues, with a light blue shirt and tie.

Both uniforms should be immaculately presented. Your Cadet NCOs will teach you how to iron your uniform correctly and regular inspections they will let you know where to improve on. You will need to buy a pair of parade shoes, which you should try to polish to a mirror finish if possible. Although this takes a long time, it is worth the effort!

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In contrast, you will wear your No 3 ‘Green’ mainly for outdoor activities. Ordinarily, you will have to purchase your greens yourself through surplus stores and online, however, we may be able to give you some from our stores, dependent on stock. As with all cadet activities, the squadron’s civillian committee will assist you if you cannot afford it yourselves.

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